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I staggered to my feet, trembling all over from the sheer amount of exertion it took to stand. But then the first titan turned toward the sound, and started moving!

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Wait, I thought Titans didn't exist now??? I closed it and stood at attention nervously. My muscles where locking up from sitting too long.

If anyone could have stopped it, how helpless would I feel at his loss? About every 2 weeks-month Also, all of these may have been ly posted on free chat rooms for your mobile phone different site, so if you've seen these before, hey. Nice to see you again. I hope you enjoy my attack on titan x reader scenarios! You loved times like these when the world was peaceful and you were left alone with your fictional babies.

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The door to your room opens, but you barely notice, being too talk uk in your book. The bed creaks around you, another body climbing onto the surface with you. Still, you pay no attention. Suddenly the book is pulled from your grasp and you are met with the teal eyes of your boyfriend, Eren. He grins mischievously at you. You just roll your eyes. Can I please have my book back?

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I was just about to my favorite part. He just laughs and pulls it farther away from you. You start to sit up to try and reach the book better. Eren gets on top of you to keep you from old slags chat rooms so, still holding your beloved book out of reach. You got to admit.

He grins at you. You glare at him. You watch him, blushing heavily underneath him. His hands slide back down your arms slowly, coming to a rest right below your shoulders.

Lᴇᴠɪ'ꜱ ᴄʜᴀᴛʀᴏᴏᴍ

He grins evilly down at you and your eyes widen. But its too late. He has already started to wiggle his fingers, tickling under your arms.

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He knows this is the area where you are most ticklish. You squirm underneath him. Of course, your stupid boyfriend does not stop.

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Normally you would have slammed your arms down on his hands to stop him, but some jerk had decided to tie your arms up, making that impossible. He laughs down at you. Normally you would be overjoyed at the sight at old alhama de aragon fuck chat free beautiful smile, but right now you hate every inch of it. Or at least you want to.

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His fingers finally slow to a stop, releasing you from his horrible torture. He quickly unties your wrists and leans down, leaving a quick little chatting indo on your lips. Attack on titan: texting story Eren and Mikasa Standing over me with his arms crossed, his del frown eminent in the moon light was my captain. How did you know it wouldn't break you in two.

But it just stood there, it's back to us.

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I leaned fully against the massive tree trunk behind me for support. This was our life. We can't anon go chat dirty like machines only killing titans.

I slammed against it and might have best free chats straight down if it's fingers hadn't tightened around me. And raise my chances of surviving. My heart was still racing, I was in shock.

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He has already started to wiggle his fingers, note under your arms. One last look into those narrow green eyes and my heart swelled as I gave into him completely. I like to do experiments about Titans!!!.