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Property of the Half-Blood Prince. Tom Riddle's Dairy. Antonin Dolohov. Barty Crouch Jr. Bellatrix Lestrange. Peter Pettigrew. Regulus Black. Rodolphus Lestrange. Severus Snape.

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The Malfoys. The Cruciatus Curse. The Imperious Curse. The Killing Curse.

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Video of the Week. Bella-Trixy Im so evilly chill. Voldemort Wait a second I think I know what's going on. You guys like each other! Oh that's great!

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Who would love Bella myspace chat her obsessions over All I ever hear is she's obsessed with someone, but no one will tell me who! I'd rather not say Voldemort Who would love her at all? Voldemort Love.

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Such a stupid and false word. There is no such thing only power, hatred, and death. Not life, but immortality or death. Not good or evil, just power and those who choose to use it. No love, just hate. All there is, is those you hate and those you don't sex chatting kinloch missouri.

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But they took it to the extreme and called not hating someone love. Snapilitious: ya Voldemort What's with this Voldey business? Snapilitious: tut tut tut, Volemort won't like chatroom avneue know would he?

I be his best friend, and you his A house-elf?

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Snapilitious: I am in Dumbledore's presence everyday, and he could find out about me double-crossing, he is the one wizard voldemort fears Bella-Trixy tut tut tut, Voldemort might not like you shouting that out Snape is not a traitor, I like him better we're BFFs you know and I will never, in feel like chatting tonight internity that I have, love anyone or anything.

Except Nagini. Bella-Trixy He would be sooooo happy that he didnt have to split favor Snapilitious: happy, I don't think so It was your plan Voldey You know better than to listen to me!!!

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Poor Qurrell, all alone, getting his soul sucked out by kiss craving Dementors! Voldey So got there Now I know why I switched sides Voldey Sorry, it's my time of month… Snapilitious: uhhh I switched my favorite football team? Voldey Oh What's football? Voldey Is there killing involved. Voldey I like people killing olympia adult chat for my own entertainment.

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But I prefer to do it myself. I meant quitttch, yes quittitch team, I changed it from England to the Ireland, cause the English team myspace chat rooms Voldey But Quirrel was on that team Bella-Trixy tsk tsk tsk. Snapilitious: Quirrel didn't play Quittich I guess we could always ask him in Azkaban, right Bella? I'm just missing you Voldey Bella?

The death chat room

Great now two people are mad at me! Snapilitious: you jealous of Wormtail? O I mean, ahem, I regret nothing Snapilitious: oooo make him mad, make him mad, it's funny when the punishing happens to someone else!!!! Voldey O. Bella-Trixy erm Voldey Good work Snape, I'll track them down and kill each and everyone one of them in such a way, I will use all three unforgiving curses. And you of course will be named the Death Eater who helped kill Duino aurisina nsa chat Potter!!!!

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Snapilitious: oh shoot, oh, I mean, ha! Take that Bella-Trixy aka Bellatrix!!!

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Voldey What. There are best phone chat gay relationships in this group. I thought I explained that before Snape. And I am planning to kill Dumbledore, you idiot, can you stop spreading rumors and actually kill someone?

Death by chat room?

Unless you are a coward, and fear even the tiniest and most pitiful of Muggles, you Squib. Voldey Wait! Draco was supposed to do that you blithering, greasy, doe casting, sissy, greasy, Potter loving, traitor, back slaying, one minded, one sided, sexist, greasy, Slytherin loving, Mudblood calling, hooked nosed, potions smelling, super greasy, Malfoy saving, depressed, messed up, death preventing, unbreakable vow breaker, stupid, greasy, half-blood prince, potion making, halfblooded baboon!!!

You ruined my punishment for Lucius!!! Snapilitious: for the record, I haven't broken any vows, its kind of impossible ya know Voldey You chat insult me you blithering, greasy, doe casting, sissy, greasy, Potter loving, traitor, back slaying, one minded, one sided, sexist, greasy, Slytherin loving, Mudblood calling, hooked nosed, potions smelling, super greasy, Malfoy saving, depressed, messed up, death preventing, Dark Lord insulting, stupid, greasy, potion making, halfblooded baboon!!!

Am I the favorite naughty chat Voldey Stay out of this, I wouldn't want someone as fragile bisexual phone chat in indianapolis indiana you to get sc I'm not room gonna finish that Snapilitious: no. Voldey Is it really that obvious?

Bella-Trixy erm- I killed my husband Snapilitious: who said I wanted anyone to like me? I prefer to be single Bella-Trixy xP I meant 'like' as in despise you less and be your friend. Lily dated one guy and married that one guy though I disapprove with her choice while you, flirt with any and every guy you can, even that muggle I can death minds remember?