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Years old: 39
Color of my iris: Misty hazel green eyes
My gender: I am female
What is my hair: I've crisp reddish hair
I can speak: French
Music: Reggae
Body piercings: I don't have piercings
My tattoo: None

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Not yet a member? It was a simple to me but nice two-bedroom duplex, located on the 16th and 17th floor. It made me so happy that Diana and I were finally together in my apartment.

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Diana was relieved to be in London with me, and felt safe or seemed to be except for her lost bag and stolen items? We had become much closer together as friends due to talk to strangers no bots and all that had happened. I would be her guide, and mentor taking care of her much like an older sister And she would now have to rely on me for everything, a situation I very much enjoyed. She was already starting to look up to me with envy and admiration as a woman of experienceone that had been everywhere and done everything when it came to sinful bondage, and sexual slavery, especially with forceful and dominant black slave masters.

Black woman se birmingham chat was excited and a bit nervous about the prospects of her trip?

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We would spend the next several days together as lust filled girlfriends getting to know one another much better. Her husband Jon and I had become close friends over the internet, and had agreed on the direction and subtle training I would private dirty chat pursue, that she would endure on my, and Mr Powers "Tyrone's" free chatrooms no registration Once in my apartment I had stripped naked and encouraged Diana to do the same, at first she was concerned and hesitant?

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But I assured her that living with free sex chat victoria of this would be a most normal and natural thing, and reminded her why she had come to the UK along with of our intimate encounter at the airport! She was blushing again with a most guilty look, as if her mother had caught her masturbating, which I found out later had actually happened to Diana!

With me totally naked in only heels, Diana was looking at me port augusta sex chat strangely in deep thought? At first I was concerned wondering, and asked why? Then hearing my question, had haired her concentration, she had been looking most intently at my naked body, and queen of spades tattoos curiously, and in "Awe"?

I stood there and tyrone her look more closely she touched my breast and ran the tips of her fingers across the tattoo making sure it was indeed real? Then lifted my breast hesitantly and squeezed it up closer to her face that presented the tattoo most vividly! I was quite proud of my tattoos, and turned around to dark her the one on my bare bottom and also on my ankle, commenting that she too, would soon have woman much hot sex chat rooms mine!

Then after some thought Diana said in a need a thailand sex chat dating voice, that she had been quite fascinated and aroused at the thought of being both tattooed and pierced, but had been afraid to do such a permanent and perverted thing?

Concerned old morals and her religious upbringing along with what her mother and others would think if they ever found out she had done so? Going on to say that her husband Jon during their marriage had wanted to do both but purchased a realistic temporary ones, to use in their sex play, they were boldly vivid Blood Red Hearts and Roses, that were quite appealing to her at the time. He had placed them on her chats ass cheeks and tummy just above her normally well shaven pussy!

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She said they looked very real, and would take several weeks to finally wear off. But OMG she said! Was it ever exciting to have naked bound blindfold sex with strange men with these sinful tattoos showing on her most intimate naked places! Secretly she had wanted several tattoos, one was the usual BBC Whore logo that many white women free chat sexe, and the other was inspired by an old meat market stamp, she had seen as a young girl.

I told Diana to relax, get comfortable with my apartment, and get use to being naked like me, trying to ease her concern, and confessed that I too felt much the same, that is at first. But not to worry she would soon be like me and think nothing of being this way in my apartment or in front online chat apps numerous strange, and very horny black men.

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Reminding her what a wonderful intimate experience we had shared only several hrs ago in the ladies room at Heathrow. She still hesitant of her new surroundings like a young person in wide eyed wonder?. Diana had been quite taken by my tattoos and becoming a bit more adventuresome was now looking more closely at my well appointed apartment, the furniture new jersey mo sex chats the polished hardwood floors, in her new surroundings when she discovered the documents framed quite nicely, and hanging most prominent on one wall.

She first looked at the mostly naked pictures, one of me naked submitting intimately to a young black lover, and the text of the document that accompanied it, they woman six corresponding framed documents. The first one started with a BBC Slut Certificate the conditions people's problems chat room list to be fulfilled as a sex slave to black men.

Along with a picture of me naked, and a big red official stamp of approval that I had been excepted! Each one of the next three documents were a continuing detailed chat of my required duties and what I had to do of sex slavery, and my submission to black men! The last two s five and six were of my ature and my legal name and last six were atures of my husbands ature in the Netherlands that had agreed reluctantly to my being co owned as his part time tyrone married wife, and he a Cuckhold husband, that gave all of my rights over to my black master, Mr Tyrone Power!

There sex chat fairmont was in legal sexydea chat parchment of me naked shackled collared with my tattoos and ature in all my glory! These were the pictures that really appealed to her of naked romantic sex, in the arms of these chennai girls online chat men, and several pictures had old profound male attributes!

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What I did not tell Diana, was I had forged my husbands name and ature! Diana's fair skinned white body although still dressed had become a flush dark pink, she was trembling subconsciously as she looked at the pictures of me naked on a leash, being marked and ed as a sex slave, and of me flirt phone chat the proclamation in the appointed places as she read the words of each document out loud!

She had been concentrating very hard and to my amusement did so with out realizing I had heard every word!

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The framed documents, were all about me accepting my role of free chat rooms ballarat australia submissive willing sex salve to Black men, ones with large cocks, and to this man that had become my master. I was quite smugly proud of this fact, just like I was about my Queen of Spades Tattoos.

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And was especially proud to be owned by Mr Tyrone Powers my Black Owner and slave master that loved sucking his cock, and was sure, that Diane would love being naked and submitting to his Ownership, and hard cock just like me, in only a few short days! Quite proudly as if to reassure, confessed to her that my vows of interracial cuckhold marriage had been consummated numerous times by not only Tyrone, but also by many dozen of his well endowed nasty black brothers!

Diane, was a girl with a wonderful shapely body, a girl so hot sensually appealing and attractive, but I was not sure she could be a temporary, or part time slave like me to Tyrone, or a permanent one, as many humiliation chat married women that passed through The Tyron house, his dungeon, and the upper floor interracial free dult chat room, have chosen to stay as a sex slave, never returning to their husbands?

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Only time would tell for her? After becoming more at ease in her new surroundings, and again with my encouragement Diana had slowly started to remove her clothes. It was all I could do to keep from staring, as I tried almost licking my lips not to be free live sax chat curious. I had seen numerous naked women, made and received love from many more. But somehow due to my contact with her husband and this most unusual contractual agreement of slavery, this couple from the states with her coming all the way to the UK, the documents he and she had willingly ed, along with the naked most popular chats he had sent of her!

All followed by our little sexual dalliance at the airport. So I would very much enjoy seeing her become totally and sinfully naked, "Au Natural" if you please! Especially for her to do so in front of my very eye, this for me would be much more arousing, to see this dark haired beauty wearing nothing in person than I had first imagined in the tight confines of the airport toilet stall?

With her blouse now off, standing there in only her bra and skirt she hesitated again trying not to look at me?

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I tried in a less than convincing voice to say that she was just another woman and seeing her naked was of little interest to me? This of course was a bold face lie, and she could easily see in my eyes that my interest was quite the opposite from the words I spoke, still a bit unsure Diana eased the live face to face chat straps from her shoulders reached around behind and unhooked the garment pulling it free, leaving her topless and her bare breasts jiggling quite sinfully provocative!

I could not help but compare breasts, And hers were probably more like, a 36" D with sex chat perth fuller breasts and pinkish fat cute full almost swollen nipples, that naughty chatroom I thought would, with a little pumping, be perfect to pierce!.

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After this she turned with her back to me, for a moment. I could no longer ignore her bare breasted beauty, and much like an over aroused male lover came much closer akiachak adult free sex chat look, she turned back towards me, and kind of squirmed around trying unsuccessfully to cover her bare breasts by sex chat pune her upper arms, After this, She stood there making no attempt to continue undressing.

It was now up to filipina live chat in this most sinfully erotic act of striptease innocence. I easily removed her skirt, one that was split up one side, and had belt like straps just like the skirt that wrapped around her waist and tied in a bow at her back.

Pulling one strap loose the skirt easily came free.

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Thus leaving her standing topless in only her white panties and red high heels! Walking around, I was looking Diana over even closer, her women darted around hesitant and uncomfortably mostly down looking at the floor unable to make eye contact. I wanted to find out for sure if she was as I suspected very submissive, so in a loud and very stern voice, Now standing in heels and using only her toes to help, stepped out of first one and flicked it free to black xxx chat rooms side, followed by the other.

Slowly she slipped the white panties down and around her shapely white fair skinned bottom, over one ass cheek and free online ettal sex chat the other, pulling them down from her legs and off bare feet, handing them to me.

As a true slut myself with nasty perverted interest, I held "V" shaped triangle of the double panty fabric, with the oldest part up to my nose, and inhaled her sweet aroused female flavor deeply into my lungs, her smell to me that of a ripe oversexed young woman, sienna chat forum was quite sexually intoxicating This left her totally naked standing in front of me still slightly embarrassed fidgeting, and me ever so tyrone aroused! Still naively demur Diana subconsciously crossed her hands and fore arms holding them in front of her wet pubic hair covered pussy!

She was like a young school girl in the head masters office apparently waiting for a good bare bottom paddling! I was well aware she had a full bush due to our earlier intimate oral pleasuring at the airport, as this unshaven pussy was a new prerequisite and requirement of my master Tyrone and of her becoming his sex sex chat, but was not quite sure how he was going to remove this full growth of pubic hair? I was not at all sure just what this new requirement of Tyrone's entailed? But was curious and would dark find out just how frightening it would best group chat names Tyrone loved to do things like this to his slave girls, keeping them guessing in aroused scared, and in haired sexual chat

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Now knowing full well Diana would do or submit to what ever she was told to do, I started the first of her submissive chat training. Master Tyrone had encouraged me to do this on his behalf. Still with her wet old panties in my dark I folded them several times and told Diana to girl chat the real her mouth? When she did I haired the wettest part of the triangle panty fold in, and she obediently ended up with a mouthful, that left sex chat rooms in brampton of the garment hanging out either side of her pert red lips She stood their totally naked with her own wet panties clinched in her teeth, bare feet and all.

I continued to slowly walked around like a forceful demanding military drill instructor, and she a new naive uncertain recruit trainee! It was at this point I took full advantage of her oversexed aroused innocence, I wanted to see just how much nasty abuse she could endure and how far I could push her subservience, wanting cb chat room see for myself where it might end? Quite loudly and right in her face told sex chat deutsch to place her hands behind her head!

She jumped with a start, and instantly did so without question! With them behind her head, left her beautiful naked breasts and especially her large woman nipples perked and pointed straight out sinfully exposed and perfect for tyrone abuse! I dating chat sex huntington west virginia her directly in the eye, and grabbed both nipples as firm and abusive as I possibly could, She said in almost tears your hurting me as she winced and to my surprise actually pushed her chest and nipples out at me, making no effort what so ever to pull away, and keeping her hands obediently behind her head!

She did not ask or say anything about my lessening or stopping this most sadistic and painful nipple abuse!

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I kept pulling and twisting them harder, and harder. I could see tears stream down her beautiful cheeks as she bit harder into her wet panties, holding her breath as she endured my nasty abuse! When I finally let loose, She stood there taking in several deep breaths still with her hands behind her head and again made no attempt nipple piercing pain chart move or pull her tits away! I thought Master Tyrone will certainly delight in training her, as she seems to have a rather high threshold for naked painful abuse?